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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Say no to the ever-grasping boondoggle beggar

Lo, the untutored taxpayer! We just passed a $750 million bond for schools. Good for the children.

Then the City lays out its need in the May 5 election for $400 million for streets and parks to keep Fort Worth up and running.

Now comes the improvident prodigal Water Board, like a beggar at the back door, asking for a $250 million handout from the cash cow for its nepotistic billion dollar eminent domain boondoggle, euphemistically called Panther Island.

In the beginning we were told that Fort Worth’s total cost would be $26 million! What a scam that turned out to be! As Merle Haggard sang in one of his songs, “Like Nixon lied to us all on TV.” Now $250 million more for the boondoggle? Ponzi was bush league! No! A thousand times No!

Don Woodard

Fort Worth

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