One Day University: What can you learn in a day?

Miguel Quinones of the SMU Cox School of Business

What can you learn in one day? A lot apparently.

On Saturday June 13, One Day University and The Dallas Morning News are partnering to provide a full day of learning from college professors teaching on a variety of subject.

One Day University Executive Edition will consist of four MBA-style classes in one day and covering topics such as strategic thinking, negotiation, pattern recognition and decision making. The event takes place Saturday, June 13 at the Adolphus Hotel.

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Among the subjects:

Strategic Thinking and Thinking Big taught by Jeremi Suri from the University of Texas

Pattern Recognition: How to Anticipate the Future also taught by Suri

Negotiation: How to Get (more of) What You Want taught by Margaret Neale of the Stanford Graduate School of Business

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The Art and Science of Critical Decision Making taught by Miguel Quinones of the SMU Cox School of Business

Robert Francis of Fort Worth Business spoke to Quinones a few weeks back about what will take place in the Critical Decision Making class.

Quinones said that many the decision-making process has been seen as being something like a computer, very logical.

“But we know, surprise, that we’re not computers,” he said. “Humans can fall prey to a number of traps and errors when making decisions.”

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The class will look at some of those issues.

“If you go back to the Bay of Pigs [during the Kennedy administration] and look at the decision-making, you can see they kept out dissenters and that was a terrible concept,” he said.

“You have to make sure you set up teams and groups so that everyone has as much access to as much information as possible and that there’s not any social dynamics that limit the availability of dissenting voices,” he said.

If you have a group together in a company and someone asks a question, Quinones said, it matters who answers first. “If the boss answers the question first, it may keep others from voicing a dissenting opinion. It’s things like that, company leaders need to keep in mind,” he said.

Quinones said the class will be very interactive.

“By the end, I believe people will have a better understanding of how they make decisions and how decisions are made,” he said.