Richard Connor: A snowboarder’s quest, Part 2

Meredith Connor reaches for a dream. (Photo by Richard Connor)

By the end of last week, readers were still clicking on my column about our daughter Meredith and her quest to become a competitive snowboarder. (Click here to read the column.) Emails were pouring into my inbox from readers applauding the notion that we should never be afraid to chase our dreams and work hard to achieve them – even dreams that might seem foolhardy to others.

As I pondered this week’s column – one I fully intended to aim at some of the mind-boggling political shenanigans afoot in America – I suddenly had a change of heart. “Why spoil the ride?” I said to myself. Last week’s column was about doing great things and feeling good about the accomplishments; why change the subject to the tumult and turmoil of current-day politics?

So here is part two of the literal “ride,” with Meredith en route to her recent snowboarding silver medal in a photo as big as her dreams. Ever humble, she had a response last week when we spoke. I told her she is ranked number one in her region of the country. “Yes,” she deadpanned, “and, by the way, eighth in the nation.”

As for the state of our national politics, let’s just rise above it all.

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