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Opinion Richard Connor: An election ends, a door opens to new perspectives

Richard Connor: An election ends, a door opens to new perspectives

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Richard Connor
Richard Connor is the owner and CEO/Publisher of DRC Media, the parent company of the Fort Worth Business Press. he also owns newspapers in Virginia. Mr. Connor held a number of corporate media executive positions before founding his own company. He is an award-winning columnist and at one time wrote a weekly column on national politics for CQ Politics, the online version of Washington, D.C.-based Congressional Quarterly.

Well, it’s over.

Or is it?

It’s over. Joe Biden is the new president.

He’s ahead by too many votes. The math does not work. But President Trump’s base loves his fight and his arrogance and his going against the grain. So, he keeps feeding them.

Was there voter fraud? Absolutely. There always is and always has been. Right here in Fort Worth as well as the many places I have worked in the news business.

But fraud is not a factor in the tens of thousands of ballots being disputed. When Al Gore fought his Florida vote-counting battle against George W. Bush in 2000 he was behind by 537 votes. That result was close enough to justify a fight. This one isn’t.

It’s okay, though. There will be a transition and Biden will be president. He was vice-president for eight years and his vice-president, Kamala Harris, is on the Senate Intelligence Committee. They do not need national security briefings now. They know the score.

Biden is smarter than he has been given credit for and he is acting statesmanlike and presidential. He knows everything is okay and he is going ahead and planning his agenda and choosing his team.

He has waited a long, long time to take center stage. He can endure this extended prologue.

So, enough of that. Here is something about us.

I have long thought that a CEO gets stale at somewhere around 10 years and maybe sooner. I ran the Star-Telegram for 11 years and most of the changes I made in our business and culture occurred in the first five years. 

So, I make a joke to my 20-year-old daughter that I am just keeping the seat warm for her at the Business Press. She frowns.

This week, Meredith Connor was named “Writer of the Week” for an online publication at a university in New York City where she contributed a column. She speaks for many her age about the issues that concern them. Her views are not in concert with everyone in her family and she’s learned that when you speak out frankly and honestly you may get criticized. She loves the dialogue that can follow criticism.

She has what we can wish for our following generations – hope. Here is her column:

Celebrate Democracy, But Please Keep Fighting

By Meredith Connor

My morning routine consists of checking my phone before I even get out of bed, like most people my age. And a late wake up on November 7th, 2020, meant that the first pieces of information I received were a series of ecstatic texts from my friends and a Twitter notification that Joe Biden has become the President-elect.

Meredith Connor

The days trailing Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination, through the uncertainty of November 4th, seemed only to heighten the ongoing fears that have followed so many people since 2016. And after days of waiting and waiting, to say this news was a breath of fresh air is an understatement. The Biden-Harris win is something to celebrate. Although it may be idealistic to assume that Trump’s hateful era has finally come to a close, it is sure nice to have a day where that feels like a reality. A day where I can laugh at Trump’s tweets instead of pulling my hair out. A day where I feel, as I’m sure many other Americans feel, that we have gained a new sense of confidence.

Biden’s astounding 74.9 million votes (and counting) can be attributed to his campaign’s stances and promises. The many great promises from the Biden campaign include: “Build Back Better,” Biden’s lengthy COVID plan that aims to tackle both the physical health and economic health of Americans; a clean energy and electricity plan with the goal of slowing climate damage; his support to codify Roe V. Wade, which would make it a federal law; and his promise to fully reverse every discriminatory action against LGBTQ+ people that the Trump-Pence administration put in place.

But the fight does not end here. This is a win for democracy, no doubt, but there is still progress to be made. With a Democratic majority House, a close Senate, and a majority Republican-appointed Supreme Court, it will be a tough battle for most legislation. This means the Biden-Harris administration will have to push hard for legislative progress, and they will need the American people to not only support them, but to push them for greater change. The fight for police reform, prison reform, and military reform will still need to be heavily fought for, and the battle to push Trump’s rhetoric back underground will be hard. The president alone cannot and will not be able to do this by himself. The closeness of this race shows that change cannot come timidly.

To continue this wave of change, everyone must stay engaged and active. The American people know how to organize. The increase of voter turnout is in part due to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals vocalizing the importance of voting and encouraging people to do whatever they can to help make a Biden-Harris presidency a reality.

There is still much to happen before Biden is sworn in. The official Electoral College vote takes place on December 14. Then comes the Congressional certification on January 6. Not to mention the myriad of lawsuits the Trump team is putting together, and one can only guess what Trump might pull in his last few months of office. But before all of that, it is necessary for everyone to take a deep breath and enjoy this win.

Meredith Connor is a Fort Worth native and a freshman at Pace University in New York City. She was named “Writer of the Week” at Pace this week. She is the former USSA National 2018 Women’s Snowboard Halfpipe Champion. She can be reached at meredithconnor00@gmail.com


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