Richard Connor: These shows are so good I had to plan ahead

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart - Billboard, page 51, 6 November 1971- Mercury Records

I’m pretty much a spur of the moment guy. I like the spontaneous and immediate.

Does not matter, though. I am going to fight my innate procrastination. I actually know where I will be on several occasions in 2021, and I even have part of 2022 planned.

I will definitely be in Fort Worth on September 13th and 25th. I’ve made early dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant for the nights of Oct. 19 and 22.

Then – and this is great: On July 1, 2022, I’ll start my Fourth of July celebration early by reuniting with my old friend, classic rocker Rod Stewart. We go way back.

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You see, many, many years ago I was shopping for – and, ahem, this is delicate – underwear, in Palm Beach, Florida. I looked up and standing next to me was Rod Stewart, shaggy hair and all. I was surprised to see we were about the same height. Actually, I might be an inch or two taller.

I said, “Hey, Rod.” He looked up and said, “Hey.” The lifelong bond was sealed.

He bought some underwear and left. After he walked away I thought about our blossoming friendship and all that sentimental stuff for a minute. Immediately his song, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? came to mind. It was hot at the time.

Quickly putting two and two together I figured the underwear was magic and subtly connected to the song. So I bought the same two pairs he did. I can’t say they made much of a difference in my life.

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But Rod is coming to Dickies Arena for a concert on July 1, 2022, and I’ll be there. The underwear won’t.

If you’ve made it this far into the column, thanks for humoring me. The point is that Dickies Arena is in full swing and delivering what was promised before COVID smacked us all down. We are getting top of the line concerts and no longer have to drive to Dallas or Grand Prairie to see big-time entertainers.

Hats off – cowboy hats off – to Matt Homan, the arena’s president and general manager. He is bringing home the bacon.

Let’s review: On Sept. 13 my friends and I will be at Dickies Arena listening to Eric Clapton and then on Sept. 25 we’ll see Blake Shelton, who has some other killer acts on his tour. (Hey, Blake – Gwen Stefani would be a nice addition).

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I’ll skip Daryl Hall and John Oates on Sept. 28 because I saw them in Colorado three years ago.

Not going to see KISS on Oct. 1. Their makeup frightens me. But on Oct. 19 it will be James Taylor and Jackson Browne on the same bill. You’re got to be kidding me! One night? James Taylor and Jackson Browne? We will be there. I already have my dance card full.

On Oct. 22, Alabama will bring its 50th Anniversary Tour to the local venue.

There’s a major New Year’s Eve concert on tap but that’s a surprise. And just imagine all the other great shows and events that will be coming to town next year before I hold my July reunion with ol’ buddy Rod.

Fort Worth is so damn cool (if you don’t mind the heat, of course). Rock on.