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The Force is not with this potential Fort Worth PD applicant

You would think with all the sequels being made, Darth Vader wouldn’t need a second job. As “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” prepares to open in theaters across the country, even the Fort Worth Police Department is getting in on Star Wars fever.

As a recruiting tool, the Fort Worth Police Department have released a video on YouTube where a police sergeant interviews a potential recruit – Darth Vadar.

In the video, a deadpan Sergeant Steve Enright sits across a desk from the Dark Lord and asks the potential recruit a few basic questions. Vader notes that he has had “great success in ruling the galaxies,” and demonstrates his use of “the Force.” He also notes that that little item on his resume about the Death Star blowing up was clearly “not my fault.”

The video has had more than 800,000 views, though the current number reads a bit lower.


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