The Magical Monarch in photo and verse

A Monarch Butterfly, a species without boundaries, pauses from fall travel, bathing in morning light at the Botanic Garden. (Photo by KPW)


The small but mighty Monarch knows its seasons

And with the chill of fall, begins its magical flight

Thousands of miles south stopping only to alight

On a dainty flower, refueling before resuming

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By morning it’s found basking in the daylight warming

Waiting for the temperature to rise, to be just right

To catch prevailing tailwinds and travel until night

Stopping again to calculate its flight chart forming

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Humans ponder climate clues to help us choose:

Umbrellas, hats, boots, or shoes?

Forecasting weather is part guess, part precision

The Monarch feels fall’s chill and makes a travel decision

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This tiny butterfly vibrant of color and gossamer wings

Floats through time and air across azure sky and clouds

As we marvel at its beauty and stamina and ask out loud

How a thing so slight and fragile achieves gigantic things?

Nature, constant teacher, has a devilish sense of humor

And sometimes poses a puzzle quite difficult to unwind

Tiny Monarch strong but light as feathers is this kind

Leaving us to know its feats ring true, lingering in rumor