500 jobs coming to Irving as life science innovator plans facility with R&D lab, office space


Caris Life Sciences, a leading innovator in molecular science involved in precision medicine, on Aug. 20 unveiled plans to develop the Caris Life Sciences Corporate Park in Irving, adding to the company’s growing footprint in the United States.

This new facility will have approximately 115,000 square feet of new R&D laboratory and office space, and create more than 500 jobs.

Within the new Caris Life Sciences Park, employees will work to substantially expand the company’s blood-based diagnostic assays as well as blood-based molecular profiling and increase research and development capacity. They will also continue to advance efforts to improve the lives of patients with cancer through Caris’ molecular profiling offerings.

Development is underway on the new facility with the first of three phases expected to be completed in early 2020. The first phase of the project will feature laboratories for blood-based diagnostics, research and development, as well as additional corporate office space. The second and third phase of Caris Life Sciences Park will include additional laboratories dedicated to Caris’ comprehensive tumor profiling offerings, Caris Molecular Intelligence.

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“We are pioneers in molecular science with a long history of driving revolutionary change and innovation in precision medicine,” said Michael Halbert, senior vice president, Human Resources. “Caris continues to thrive because of this strategic vision and our expansion will ensure that every patient has access to the most advanced cancer care.”

In addition to Caris Life Sciences Corporate Park, the company’s footprint includes clinical operations, R&D, and medical affairs in an expansive 135,000 square foot complex in Phoenix, a 7,000 square foot Caris Pharmatech operation in Denver, and international offices in Basel, Switzerland. In all, Caris will have a total footprint of more than 300,000 square feet, or an increase of more than 217 percent, in facilities throughout the United States and Europe.

In addition to this strategic expansion, the number of employees at Caris has more than doubled in a little more than one year. The company currently employs nearly 700 people, including MDs, PhDs, and research scientists. The more than 500 new associates at the Irving facility will add to the company’s growing team of medical and scientific affairs, pathologists, research scientists, medical oncologists, geneticists, and biostatisticians.

” Our new facilities in Irving, Texas will allow us to add to our team of experts, and enhance our ability to deliver more insights to physicians and drug developers that will improve and save lives,” said David D. Halbert, chairman and CEO of Caris Life Sciences. “We have made investments in science, expertise, infrastructure and proprietary technologies that cannot be rivaled, and we are combining these in unique ways to create comprehensive offerings for clinicians and researchers that others cannot. We look forward to continuing to expand our portfolio of proprietary offerings, adding new blood-based diagnostics and blood-based molecular profiling, utilizing the company’s ADAPT Biotargeting technology, and other market-leading offerings, including Caris Molecular Intelligence, Next Generation Profiling, and whole transcriptome sequencing.”

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