Car storage: Finding a home for automobiles

Car storage

Fort Worth Car Storage

5940 Eden Dr.

Fort Worth 76117

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For several years one of the most discreet places in Fort Worth has been housing some pretty expensive cargo.

Fort Worth Car Storage is a nondescript building. It blends in with other warehouses in the area. But what it offers is different from most warehouses. The business is designed for people and businesses needing a certain specialized option: climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled auto storage.

Entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon, whose story was featured on CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaire, owns the facility. He said he opened it after closing DFW Elite Auto Rental. That business had offered rentals on more than 60 exotic and luxury vehicles for an average of 1 percent of the actual cost; some rented for as much as $3,000 for 24 hours.

“That business was a lot of fun, for a while. We met a lot of high-profile people, executives, athletes, actors/actresses, etc., along with the ordinary person like you and me,” Sturgeon said. “Once the fun was over we closed the doors and sold most of the vehicles. With all of the extra space we had we decided to start storing vehicles.”

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FWCS stores about 40 vehicles. It houses everything from Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Teslas to Corvettes, Jeeps and the old family car the owner is keeping for sentimental purposes.

Anyone can store a car at the facility. The only requirement is that the vehicle has to run. Costs range from $224 to $350 per month. The company also offer storage in a bubble for an additional $100 per month.

And now, FWCS has an improved website thanks to CS Publications, a Fort Worth web design company.

“Our goal is to make Fort Worth Car Storage appear on page one of Google for search terms like ‘collector car storage’ or ‘antique auto storage,'” said Cheryl Lyman, owner of CS Publications.

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Along with information about the car storage business, it also features a blog for car storage news.

“We’re very excited about bringing in more traffic for search terms like ‘truck storage,'” said Jennifer Knittel, administrator for FWCS. “We are big into websites and internet marketing. We like to stay current on the search terms people are using and to keep our websites user- and mobile-friendly.”

FWCS also has a free toy museum at its location that features a large collection of antique toys and salesman samples.