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City Council: New Parks and Recreation service center project gets architect

The Fort Worth City Council authorized execution of an architectural services agreement with Quorum Architects Inc., in the amount of $726,000 to provide design and construction administration services for Phase II of a New Consolidated Service Center. It will be located at the site of the existing Parks and Recreation South Service Center, 5199 James Ave.

The realignment of Crestline Road to improve Trail Drive required the relocation of the Park and Recreation Department’s Crestline Service Center to the existing James Avenue facility. This was Phase I of the project.

The existing maintenance facilities are in two-story buildings that were World War II military barracks. They were never intended to last 80 years, and have outlived their usefulness. The upper floors have been condemned.

Phase II of this project will demolish these structures and provide new facilities to complete the relocation of the various services to this new consolidated facility.

Phase I of this project has been designed and is at the start of construction. As part of the city’s 2018 Bond Program, Phase II, design and construction was approved.

The overall Phase II project cost will be $11.1 million.

“This project results in a new facility with an updated building and better location,” District 9 Councilwoman Ann Zadeh said. “In addition to this relocation of the parks and recreation maintenance facility from Trinity Park, prompted by the construction of Trail Drive, we also benefit from the addition of eight acres of park land to Trinity Park.”

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