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Government Council Report: Berry/University development, TCU zoning change

Council Report: Berry/University development, TCU zoning change

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The Fort Worth City Council, at Tuesday’s meeting, approved a zoning change for the Berry/University district per a request from the city’s planning and development department.

The city council established the Berry/University Form Based District in 2017 to guide new investment in the Berry/University Urban Village while respecting the character of surrounding single-family neighborhoods. City staff has since identified changes to promote desired development and “missing middle” housing in the residential attached district, submitting these recommendations approved by council:

*Limit number of bedrooms to no more than three per unit.

*Increase maximum units per building based on lot size (one unit per 750 square feet).

*For multifamily buildings, require one ground floor unit with at least 800 square feet of habitable space per 50 feet of lot frontage.

*Limit building street frontage length to 100 feet to prevent large multifamily buildings.

*Increase off-street parking requirements to one space per bedroom.

*Limit parking in front of the building line.

*Require screening of parking along side yard lot lines.

The plan incorporates the following regulations from other form-based districts:

*Street tree planting – require tree spacing according to tree size at maturity.

*Canopy coverage of parking lots – require 40 percent to match city-wide standard.

*Amenity and open space – replace with enhanced streetscape requirements.

*Alleys and access – remove requirements and defer to TPW standards.


The Fort Worth City Council approved a zoning change on Bellaire Drive for Texas Christian University at its Tuesday meeting. The university intends to install infrastructure facilities for the New TCU Administration building.

The zoning is consistent with the surrounding zoning for the TCU campus. The proposed development is currently located within the Berry University form-based Code adopted in February 2017.

“TCU is one of Fort Worth’s most valued institutions, and they continue to do an incredible job developing their beautiful campus,” said District 3 Councilman Brian Byrd, in whose district the project lies. “I support this zoning change.”


A zoning change on McCart Avenue was approved by the Fort Worth City Council at Tuesday’s meeting. The change is to two-family/TCU Residential Overlay for construction of a duplex.

While a majority of the surrounding area is zoned for duplexes which was likely the original designation from 1940, the area is primarily developed with smaller single-family homes. Two duplexes have recently been constructed to the east of the site on Forest Park.

The property is in the general TCU area and in the TCU Residential Overlay.

The project did receive opposition from the Berkeley Place Neighborhood Association.

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