Council Report: Colonial street closures; Texas Wesleyan-area rezoning

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Whether or not there will be a Charles Schwab Challenge, aka Colonial Invitational Golf Tournament, in 2020 remains to be seen. Officials haven’t yet officially canceled the event, scheduled for May 21-24, with subsequent activities beginning even earlier in the week on May 18.

Nonetheless, in business as usual concerning the tournament, at Tuesday’s meeting the Fort Worth City Council authorized temporary street closures and reconfigurations around the area of Colonial Country Club from May 18-27.

The following blocks are included:

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*3600-3700 Blocks of Country Club Circle.

*3700-3900 Blocks of Mockingbird Lane, with Mockingbird Court.

*3600-3700 Blocks of West Cantey Street.

*2000 Block of Rogers Avenue (Riverfront Drive to Colonial Parkway).

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*2100–2700 Blocks of Colonial Parkway.

*2600–2801 Blocks of Simondale Drive.

*3300–3600 Blocks of Park Hill Drive (Colonial Parkway to Stadium Drive).

*2400 Block of Boyd Avenue (Stadium Drive to Park Hill).

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*2300–2400 Blocks of Stadium Drive (cul-de-sac).

*2500–2600 Blocks of Highview Terrace (Park Hill Drive to West Cantey Street).

*3500–3600 Blocks of Manchester Street (Highview Terrace to Walsh Court).

*2500 Block of Walsh Court.

*2600 Block of Hartwood Drive.

*3900 Block of Kingston Court.

*3900 Block of Ann Arbor Court.

*3900 Block of Lynncrest Drive.

The street closures will reduce the amount of traffic in the adjacent neighborhoods, improve access for emergency vehicles and ensure the safety of the participants and spectators during the tournament. Residents will be allowed access to their homes at

all times.


The Fort Worth City Council, at Tuesday’s meeting, approved annexation of just over 49 acres of land at 10400 W. Cleburne Rd. to use for residential purposes. The land was previously unzoned.

The site is located on the north side of Cleburne Road and west of Cleburne-Crowley Road. The rezoning will prepare the property for small lot single-family development.

The annexation was owner-initiated by Benchmark Acquisitions, Ltd.

The case was continued from a previous meeting.


At Tuesday’s meeting, the Fort Worth City Council approved a zoning change for some property at E. Rosedale St. and Avenue G for multi-family use.

The site is located on the southwest intersection of East Rosedale Street, an activity street on the master thoroughfare plan, and Collard Street.

The change allows for high intensity mixed-use for a multifamily development.

Activity streets are “destination streets.” They are typically retail-oriented, with generous parkway widths and room for sidewalk cafes and other such features. Automobile speeds are slow, and lanes are slightly narrower than typical. Parking is typically on-street, and building facades front the street. Buildings are

typically one to three stories high.

Streets are typically in a grid pattern, diffusing traffic. Bicycles may share the road, depending on speeds, but bike lanes are also used.

The site is also located in a Neighborhood Empowerment Zone (NEZ Area Six), which is an overlay put in place to promote housing, economic development and quality service within the central city. Municipal property tax abatements, fee waivers and release of city liens are available to property owners who build or rehabilitate property within a NEZ. These incentives are designed to promote affordable housing, economic development and expanded services.

The property is owned by Texas Wesleyan University, Sebastian Salazar and Gloria Salazar.

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