Council Report: Custer Commons Zoning

Rick Mauch

FWBP Contributor

    At Tuesday’s meeting, the Fort Worth City Council approved a zoning change at 8681 N. Beach St. for Custer Commons, LP from neighborhood commercial to allow use for a multi-family senior living development.
    “With all developers who want to come to Fort Worth, we have an open door. We ask two things, that they pay taxes and that they engage the neighborhoods in their dialogue,” said District 4 Councilman Cary Moon, in whose district the project lies. “The developer has done what we’ve asked.     “In the end, where we as a city struggle is how do we separate multi-family from senior living,” he added before making a motion for approval.     The property will include parking, enhanced landscaping and a screening fence.
    The property, located on the west side of North Beach Street, is just over 15 acres. It is north of Tarrant Parkway, behind an existing strip of retail businesses.
    Moon said the project is a higher and best use of the land behind the retail strip center, which will allow for more open space. He also said it will bring in about $350,000 in additional revenue for the city and schools.     “It should be a good partner for our community and good revenue for our schools,” he said.