Council Report: Transportation and contractor capacity report

council chamber

As with all large cities, local transportation is a priority in Fort Worth.

At the Feb. 4 work session, the city council received a briefing on local transportation consultant and contractor capacity in relation to the 2014 and 2018 bond programs.

An update on the 2014 bond program includes:

*Design – 13, of which nine are mobility projects.

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*Bid and award – 3, including a pair of arterials.

*Construction – 12 (arterials 5, neighborhood streets 4, mobility 3).

*Complete – 79, mostly divided between mobility (36) and neighborhood streets (32).

*On hold – 5, all mobility.

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*Canceled – 4 (mobility 3, arterial 1).

As for the 2018 bond program update:

*Planning – 5 (neighborhood streets 3, arterials 2).

*Design – 51, of which 25 are mobility.

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*Bid and award – 6, with neighborhood streets accounting for 4.

*Construction – 11, including a half dozen neighborhood streets.

*Complete – 5, all mobility.

*On hold – 1, arterial.

Minority/Women Business Enterprise awards from 2014-19 included:

*Construction – 65 total contracts, 10 M/WBE prime, 186 Minority Business Enterprise sub-contracts.

*Professional – 51 total contracts, 12 M/WBE prime, 111 Small Business Enterprise sub-contracts.

Moving forward, economic development strategies include capacity-building for minority-owned businesses by expanding the capacity of minority-owned businesses to secure contracts and achieve success.

“We’re retaining the (M/WBE) contractors we’ve used, but we’ve added more contractors in 2018-19,” said Lauren Prieur, Assistant Director of Capital Delivery, City of Fort Worth.

The fiscal year 2018-19 status highlights include:

*The Beck School of Construction Fort Worth graduated 14 MBEs in November.

*A M/WBE availability and disparity study is in progress, with final results expected by April 1.

*Hosted eight vendor information forums, three certification workshops, and three other workshops for M/WBEs covering requests for proposal, requests for quotation, invitation to bid, and best value solicitation.

*Structure of a mentor/protege’ program is being developed.

*A partnership with the performance office is in progress to create a business

diversity enterprise training, for all employees, in the Employee University training module.

Next steps include continuing to hold quarterly RFP, RFQ, ITB, and best

value solicitation workshops, along with:

*Launching the mentor/protege’ program this year.

*Increasing partnership efforts with advocacy agencies who promote M/WBE development.

*Conducting a Business Development Enterprise ordinance compliance online training class for project managers and buyers in the Employee University.

*Partnering with The Beck Group to host the Second Beck School of Construction Fort Worth for M/WBEs this year.

*Evaluating the roles of the city, the three chambers of commerce, and other associations, and identify what gaps exist.

*Implement strategies to address these gaps.

*Expand advocacy by hosting events in city community centers.