Evans & Rosedale development expects to begin 3Q 2022

Evans & Rosedale rendering courtesy

The redevelopment of several vacant lots at Evans & Rosedale in Fort Worth is moving forward with Dallas-based developer, Hoque Global.

In 2019, the City of Fort Worth selected Hoque Global to develop parcels in the corner east of the South Freeway and south of Terrell Avenue. Many developers participated in the public selection process, which included community workshops, a stakeholder review of submitted proposals, public meetings, and a formal Request for Expressions of Interest.

Plans for the project are slated to include multifamily residential units, townhomes, commercial and innovation spaces, public amenities, and parking. Upon construction, the City of Fort Worth and Hoque Global believe that the Evans & Rosedale mixed-use development will lead the way for growth and more investment in this part of town.

“This development will become a gateway growth district not just for this community, but its neighbors as well,” said Arthur Santa-Maria, Vice President with Hoque Global. “We’ve been heavily engaged with the Historic Southside community, incorporating input and addressing concerns to make sure that we are being mindful of values and goals from the local community.  We recognize that this is an area rich in culture and history.”

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“We are grateful for the leadership and involvement from the neighborhood, our partners, team members, and the City of Fort Worth to drive an inclusive and thoughtful process to get us to this stage,” said Mike Hoque, CEO of Hoque Global.  “There is no mold for a project like this and it has taken the participation of all parties to design and plan a development that we believe will catalyze many opportunities for this community in the years to come.”

The new mixed-use development in Historic Southside Fort Worth will be anchored by community-serving commercial and innovation spaces, a neighborhood-centric food and beverage concept, and a diverse mix of housing such as townhomes, apartments, and live/work units.  Hoque Global and the City of Fort Worth said they are working together to attract a grocer to the project to serve the greater surrounding community which is often cited as a “food desert,” or an area with few groceries.

Construction is expected to start in the third quarter of 2022 after all design plans are discussed and approved by city leaders and district stakeholders.

“I truly feel that we are about to launch what will be a resurgence of what came before and build what many could never have imagined,” said Sultan Cole, Chairman of the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce (FWMBCC).  “We know that this is the right place and the right time.  In the words of Devoyd Jennings, the past president of the FWMBCC, investment in this time and in this specific area is worth it for Fort Worth.”

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To maintain the historic fabric of the community, the team has designed the project with existing structures and the features characteristic of the area, according to a news release from the firm.

Townhomes are planned to line the eastern portion of the site to tie in with the adjacent residential community, with progressively larger structures further west including a multifamily apartment block of four to five stories along the freeway.  This design will allow the redevelopment to merge with the rest of area and help retain the current charm and local aesthetic. The project team took cues from cultural and historic elements in the area such as the iconic Evans Plaza, the brick sidewalks and features, churches and institutions nearby, and the adjacent residential community, according to the news release.

The 7.5-acre development will have separate east and west blocks with residential space occupying the higher floors, and commercial and innovation space on the first level. Together, both blocks are projected to have approximately 320 multifamily apartments and approximately 27,000 square feet of commercial space. The first levels will include live/work units, an innovative real estate concept that allows tenants to use their rental space as a place of business as well as their residence. 

With apartment rents on the rise across DFW, the developer and City of Fort Worth plan to have a number of units in the development available at below-market rates.

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“Unlike most developments, our residential plans were not driven by density. We planned around the City’s call for mixed-income housing and worked with our architects to come up with a design that would incorporate spaciousness, amenities, and affordability including live/work units that meet the growing need for people working from home,” said Steven Shelley, Multifamily Partner with Hoque Global.

Green spaces are designed to be a destination for local events, social gatherings, and vibrant outdoor workspaces. A new playground and amenities for the community will serve to draw residents and visitors to enjoy the venues and spaces the district has to offer.

Plans for the development also include a Hoque Global-driven concept “Neighborhood Brew.” The roastery-by-day, brewery-by-night concept will be an amenity for the community that also provides innovation space for small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs to collaborate, participate in programs, and gain access to resources needed for the businesses to grow. The innovation space at Neighborhood Brew along with the live/work units in the development will help drive an authentic culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the community.

Merriman Anderson Architects designed the development.

Other Hoque Global projects include Newpark Dallas, the historic Adolphus Office in Dallas and The Vineyard at Florence, a hotel/resort development north of Austin.