Fort Worth man to appear on ‘Blue Collar Millionaires’ tonight

Ron Sturgeon

Fort Worth’s Ron Sturgeon’s first job was stocking produce at $1.40 an hour. When he was 17, his father died and he inherited a half-interest in a rusty VW bug and $1,500. He also became homeless.

From those humble beginnings, Sturgeon is starring in an episode of Blue-Collar Millionaires on CNBC Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

While still in high school, Ron taught himself enough to keep the VW running and started his first venture: an auto-repair business. When he noticed that he was making more money from selling parts than from turning a wrench, his auto repair business morphed into an auto salvage yard.

Sturgeon grew his yard from a single employee to five locations and 150 employees before selling it to Ford Motor Company in the 1990s. A few years later, Ron and a pair of partners purchased Ford’s salvage division with 1,000+ employees and 30+ locations in 17 states, GreenLeaf, then returned it to profitability and sold it to a publically traded company.

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“I am a strong proponent for blue collar careers because of the incredible opportunities they give for people to achieve success,” said Sturgeon. He has written seven books to help other entrepreneurs and is an business consultant and involved in commercial real estate.

Blue Collar Millionaire segment featuring Sturgeon:

Video preview of the show, featuring Sturgeon’s segment, to air this wed night on CNBC is attached be sure to watch!

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