Industrial surplus company leases warehouse in Fort Worth

HGR Industrial Surplus, is a Cleveland-based industrial surplus resource, is expanding further into the south with a warehouse lease in Fort Worth. This new warehouse will provide faster transport for customers in the South and an increase in storage for used industrial surplus, according to a news release.

In September, HGR signed a lease for 184,723 square feet at Junction 20/35 in Fort Worth with CIM Group. The location of the warehouse provides access to major highways and airports, as well as rail transportation and intermodal facilities.

HGR is known for their tagline, “We Buy and Sell Everything!” With over 4,000 truckloads of surplus purchased every year, HGR is the leader buying and selling used surplus to customers locally and around the world.

HGR recently opening a warehouse in Birmingham,

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Texas is a key player in the manufacturing industry. Whether they are buying or selling industrial surplus, having a warehouse in Fort Worth dedicated to customers in and around the state will significantly reduce shipping costs and transportation time, according to a company news release.

HGR’s new warehouse makes it easier for customers in the southern United States to buy, sell, and auction industrial surplus. Expanding into Texas is another step toward HGR’s plan to cater to all industrial and manufacturing companies in the U.S.