Investor: Fort Worth, Muscle Shoals land acquisitions underway for theme parks

FLORENCE, Ala. (AP) — After more than seven months of silence, a financial backer of a gigantic proposed theme park in northwest Alabama says the project is still in the works, with a land deal on track to be announced by the end of the year.

Provident Global Capital CEO Bryan Robinson, a main investor in the parks, said in a Thursday news release that land acquisitions are underway for the proposed DreamVision parks near Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Fort Worth, despite The DreamVision Company undergoing corporate restructuring.

The company announced in February that it was planning to build a $3.5 billion Alabama theme park that would be more than 10 times the size of the Magic Kingdom at Florida’s Walt Disney World.

In February, DreamVision officials said they hope to open the park in 2019.