Real estate: League pushes message through technology

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League Real Estate

262 Carroll St.

Suite 27

Fort Worth 76107

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League pushes message through technology


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A new real estate firm in Fort Worth is in a whole new league when it comes to selling homes.

In fact, the three owners named their firm League Real Estate to underscore their team approach to selling real estate and providing customer service.

But what also sets the firm apart is its creative use of media technology in its marketing, an approach that taps into the emotion of homeownership and especially appeals to millennials and young families, according to the three partners who started the firm.

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For the firm’s recent debut, it released a series of videos introducing its approach to real estate, the background of each partner and a showcase of some of its listings.

“We saw a need to do something different here in Fort Worth,” said partner Luke Syres, who heads marking and technology for League. “I’m originally from California, where use of media technology in real estate isn’t really new, but it isn’t being done much here.”

The firm eschews old-school approaches to selling real estate and focuses instead on an online media platform that uses social media marketing, lifestyle videos, professional photography, aerial footage obtained through drone technology and online advertising.

“All our listings can be viewed from a cell phone or tablet,” Syres said. “It’s a completely different culture and new to Fort Worth.”

Syres and his partners, Jeff Anderson and Matt Lewis, all in their late 30s and early 40s and fathers of young children, opened the firm in December. The three were friends and all working in real estate when they decided to become business partners and bring together skills that they hope will provide a fresh change to the residential real estate market.

The firm is a full-service brokerage that serves Tarrant and Parker counties. The team also includes nine sales agents.

Together, the partners have a combined experience of nearly 40 years in residential and commercial real estate, home remodeling and mortgage lending.

“We have weathered housing market booms and busts, proving our ability to consistently deliver regardless of market conditions,” the partners said in a statement. “We have helped nearly 500 families buy and sell homes in the Fort Worth area valued at more than $115 million.”

As part of the effort to break from tradition, the partners set up shop in the Co-Lab Building, where a loft-style workspace allows for staff and client meetings in a relaxed living-room setting.

A conference room and desks are also available but no one has assigned desks, a deliberate decision to encourage collaboration, Syres said. A small pop-up market area is stocked with unusual items such as succulent plants and items produced by African artisans for agents to purchase as gifts for their clients, he said.

“Part of our goal is excellent service for our clients, so we want our agents to be able to provide gifts that are more meaningful than a Starbucks gift card,” he said.

Anderson, who is known as “the solution guy” and is also the lead agent, said this year was the ideal time to launch a new firm in Fort Worth.

“The market is still really strong and we are feeling very optimistic,” he said. Anderson has worked in real estate since 2008 and has a background in marriage and family counseling, which helps in relationship-building with clients and other people.

Lewis, who grew up in Midland, continues his family legacy of working in the real estate industry. He is the firm’s broker and business manager, has managed a multimillion-dollar residential portfolio and has experience in all aspects of the industry.

He also loves renovation and has worked on many investment properties in the Medical District and surrounding areas to help revitalize historic sections of Fort Worth.

He, too, said it is a good time to be in the real estate business in Fort Worth.

“It’s definitely a good time to be a seller,” he said.

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