Skyline plans to close Mansfield plant if no buyer found

Skyline Corp. is closing down their plant in Mansfield, laying off 105 employees.

Skyline Corp. uses the plant to build its manufactured housing products.

In a WARN letter to the Texas Employment Commission, Skyline Corp. said it would cease operations at the plant at 606 S. 2nd St.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company said that “[o]n February 14, 2017, Richard W. Florea, the president and chief executive officer of Skyline Corporation, announced to employees at the corporation’s Mansfield, Texas facility that the corporation has determined to suspend operations at the Mansfield facility. The suspension is due to the plant being unable to profitably operate since it was converted from producing recreational vehicles to manufactured housing in fiscal 2014. Challenges this location faced included fewer independent manufactured housing dealerships buying homes than anticipated; resulting in sales volumes not reaching profitable levels.”

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The company said it had sufficient orders to maintain production at the plant for the “next six to eight weeks.” The Elkhart, Indiana-based company said it was seeking a buyer for the 80,100-square foot facility.

If a seller for the plant is not found, Skyline said it expects to compete all work at the facility on April 11.