Area whiskey producer re-releasing seasonal whiskey, Rye & Rumba

Oak & Eden Re-releases Seasonal Caribbean Rum Infused Rye

DFW-based whiskey producer, Oak & Eden has announced the re-release of their summer seasonal whiskey, Rye & Rumba.

Rye & Rumba begins with Oak & Eden’s award-winning rye whiskey, and is finished with a Caribbean Rum-soaked American Oak spiral. Oak & Eden originally launched Rye & Rumba in the summer of 2019 and customers responded, leading Oak & Eden to re-release it as the product’s first encore into the market since launch.

Oak & Eden Whiskey has pioneered a patented process called “In-Bottle Finishing,” where they place a 5-inch long spiral-cut piece of wood, called the Spire, into their fully-aged bottle of whiskey, imparting new flavors and characteristics to the whiskey that wouldn’t be achieved in a single barrel alone. In the creation of Rye & Rumba, Oak & Eden steeped an American Oak spire into a craft Caribbean Rum for two weeks before placing it into a bottle of rye whiskey.

“Rye & Rumba is among our most balanced & flavorful whiskeys,” says Joe Giildenzopf, cofounder and CEO of Oak & Eden. “There is a delicate complexity of flavors that exist when you introduce Caribbean Rum into rye whiskey. Putting the two together creates a rich, aromatic whiskey that is full of flavor and a clear fan favorite.”

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The patented technique of In-Bottle Finishing has led Oak & Eden to producing and launching 10 unique whiskeys into their portfolio, such as Bourbon & Vine (Cabernet infused Bourbon), Bourbon & Brew (cold brew coffee infused Bourbon), the Ale Series (beer infused whiskeys), among others.

Oak & Eden, based in Bridgeport, has taken home 30+ Platinum, Double Gold, and Gold medals across the industry’s most prestigious competitions since 2019, and has been named among the Top 10 Whiskies Made in the U.S. by Best Products, one of the Spirits Business’ Top 50 Innovative New Spirits, and has been included on Top 10 whiskey lists by publishers such as Forbes, Wide Open Eats, Brobible, UPROXX, and many others.