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AVOCA readies second location on Foch Street

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AVOCA Coffee Roasters opens its doors on its second location in West Seventh on June 6. The Foch Street store is located at number 835.

Look for the orange awning, since signage is still not up. The long hallway entrance will soon have bar seating to further the options.

There are two Japanese murals in the main space which are bold but not overly colorful and according to owner Jimmy Story they have a deeper meaning. The one on the left depicts a Japanese movie that was later remade in the 1970’s (which is depicted in the scene to the right).

The remake retained the key elements that made the original movie a classic, just like this new AVOCA is an update that still features the quality and customer service of the original location on Magnolia. In fact, Story has thought through every aspect of his customers experience in the design of their newest Foch Street store.

The new location will feature the debut of AVOCA’s cold brew on tap, which craft coffee lovers will be able to enjoy at the coffee shop or take along to their home or office, as refillable growlers will be available for purchase.

Cold brew is the latest craze, offering devotees a milder, less acidic result. The cold brew or cold extraction method, takes time − up to 12 hours in most cases, for the coffee grounds to process. It also renders a cup with somewhat lower caffeine than traditional heated preparations.

The menu will include coffee and tea offerings similar to their flagship store, which first opened in 2011 on Magnolia Ave. You will, however, find an expanded selection of bakery treats from local favorites like: Boopa’s Bagels, McKinley Bakery & Cafe, Stir Crazy Baked Goods and Swiss Pastry Shop. Vegan pastries from Spiral Diner will also be on hand.

Founders Garold LaRue and Jimmy Story chose to open another location because many of their friends, fellow local business owners and wholesale clients are located in the area. Plus, a great local coffeehouse has long been the missing piece in this district. Fans are happy that their hometown brand chose to fill that void.

“The community has supported AVOCA since we opened our doors on Magnolia,” said Story. “We’re excited for the opportunity to open on the other side of town to serve more locals.”

The 2,000 square-foot space has an open floor plan and a familiar industrial feel, including distressed concrete floors, high ceilings and light color walls, just like the Spartan original. Painted murals by artist Kelsey Heimerman will canvas the coffee shop’s main wall as well as the hallway leading from the front entrance into the main seating area.

Soft banquette-style benches were designed by Charles Alan. PalletSmart designed and built the indoor tables as well as the picnic tables for the patio. Functional garage doors also mirror the industrial design of the original Magnolia location. Along with a covered patio they will allow guests to sip and savor al fresco. The space will feature plenty of electrical outlets for those looking to work, study or meet in a relaxing environment.

In addition to its two brick-and-mortar locations, AVOCA sells its artisanal coffee online. The company also offers wholesale products and ingredients for restaurants, grocers, hotels and more; roasting and brewing equipment installation, repair and maintenance; menu development; and barista training.

“The AVOCA team is more than ready to open our doors and welcome fellow craft coffee lovers into our cool new Foch Street space,” said LaRue. AVOCA on Foch will be open Monday – Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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