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Budweiser & Lyft upping the ante to reduce drunk driving

Last year Budweiser and Lyft partnered to provide 35,000 safe rides home at peak party times across seven states.

This year, in an effort to prevent even more drunk-driving Bud and Lyft have expanded their partnership to include 150,000 round trip rides in their new Give A Damn campaign.

“With this new round-trip offering, both companies hope to empower more consumers to plan ahead, help spread Bud’s “Give A Damn” message and inspire friends, families, and neighbors to do the same,” a news release stated.

This expansion will allow the companies to double the ride credit from $10 last year to $20 this year, given out in two $10 credits.

The program is also expanding to new cities. Lyft and Budweiser are now offering up to 10,000 round-trip rides every weekend across the 10 states where Lyft is available: New York, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Georgia and Washington, D.C.


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