The 5 sweetest things about watching award shows

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(BPT) – While everyone loves tuning into award shows like the Golden Globe Awards on NBC this past weekend, the true enjoyment that comes from these live events is surprisingly not just about waiting to see who gets the award wins from the night. Some of the best reasons for watching have a lot less to do with the movies or TV shows being honored than you might think. For the skinny on why Americans are tuning in, here are the top five sweetest things about watching award shows:

Watching sweet ads that ought to win the awards

Major award shows and the biggest games always offer viewers the absolute best ads — the ones that make us laugh or cry. Sometimes we remember the ads better than what actually happened during the show, and we wish we could see them again and again!

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Check out one of AdWeek’s “25 Best Ads of the Year” from SPLENDA® Stevia, which ran during the Golden Globes® and features a great cast of characters hilariously explaining — and demonstrating — how and where they would grow their own Stevia to sweeten up their favorite baked goods or beverages. The commercial takes a playful approach to illustrate that SPLENDA Stevia 100% Natural zero calorie sweetener is plant-based, by comparing it to another increasingly popular plant — cannabis.

It’s a sweet excuse for a dress-up party

Break out your most sparkly bling when you host your next fun viewing party in style — because, why not? Everyone attending your soiree should dress like they’re going to the event itself.

Make the night even sweeter by serving plenty of tasty treats and delicious drinks for everyone to enjoy, while you make bets on who should win and cheer on all your faves. Try this recipe for a 100 Calorie Raspberry Mojito from The Tipsy Bartender: Drop raspberries into the base of a bottle before adding lime wheels and mint leaves, add two squirts of Splenda ZERO Stevia Liquid Sweetener as a calorie-free simple syrup replacement and add rum, fill bottle with crushed ice and pour over soda water, and stir to mix. That’s it!

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Fangirls (and guys) are sweet on the stars

Face it, you adore seeing all your favorite celeb crushes during their off-the-cuff moments. It’s fun to learn more about their natural personalities as they chat with reporters on the red carpet, or even when they flub their lines while presenting a major award. They’re so much cuter when they’re not playing a character, but just being themselves.

Rating the sweet celebrity styles

The stars you love on the big (and small) screen look even more handsome or beautiful when they’re wearing their gorgeous tuxes and gowns! It’s fun to compare the best — and the less than best — looks of the night.

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And when the big stars don’t look like they’ll end up on the “best dressed” list, that’s even more fun to talk about.

The sweetest award goes to: The best unscripted moments

The truth is, everyone watching award shows is really waiting for those rare, unexpected moments when the live show suddenly goes off the rails — whether it’s the host going rogue or an impromptu heartfelt speech from a first-time award winner. Those spontaneously funny — or sweet and moving — expressions make all these shows truly worth watching.

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