3 states sue to block U.S. ceding control of Internet group

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Three conservative states are suing the Obama administration in an attempt to block the U.S. government from ceding oversight of some of the internet’s core systems.

The attorneys general of Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona on Thursday asked a federal court in Galveston, to keep the Commerce Department from relinquishing oversight of ICAN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

The internet relies on the “domain name” system. That includes directories helping computers on the network send data. ICAN has overseen the directories since 1998.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and others opposed the transition, which was approved by Congress in a temporary spending bill keeping the government running. The lawsuit says ceding control of ICAN violates the Property Clause of U.S. Constitution, which restricts giving away government property.