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Education Best cost-effective tech products that simplify your life
Education Best cost-effective tech products that simplify your life

Best cost-effective tech products that simplify your life

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(BPT) – One of the best things about technology today is that there’s a huge variety of items to choose from that can add convenience and fun to your life, for a surprising range of prices.

From the practical to the just-for-fun, shopping for the latest in tech does not have to be complicated. Here are some items to look for this year that can help simplify your everyday life.

For music lovers

Who wouldn’t want to listen to their favorite music not only anywhere in the house, but also while in the yard, hiking or camping? The latest wireless speakers offer lots of choices in terms of size and portability, at a variety of price points. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard for most devices to connect to your phone, tablet, laptop or TV. Wireless speakers are great for boosting music for a party or listening while taking a bath or cooking. Some can clip on a backpack or be worn on your arm. That way you can listen to music on-the-go safely.

Check out the latest wireless headphones, which many find more comfortable and with a superior sound quality than earbuds. Recent models have come down in price, and there are brands for kids.

For gamers

Avid online gamers love quality wireless gaming headsets. Players competing against others can communicate and experience good quality sound — hearing the game and players clearly without bothering everyone in the house.

Other great options are top-notch wireless controllers for gaming consoles, or a specialized gaming mouse.

For everyone

What if there were a high-quality smartphone that also offered helpful life services, like access to telemedicine, pharmacy savings, roadside assistance and more?

ROKiT Phones offers five models, available with a variety of life services, a package providing essential basic necessities free for three months (with the option to continue the desired benefits after that time for a fee). Options include Telemedicine, offering access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to doctors, pharmacy savings up to 70%, free calling, roadside assistance, family legal services, ID theft protection, accidental death insurance, burial and cremation insurance.

While the ROKiT One and F-One phones provide 3G service at affordable prices, the iO 3D and iO Pro 3D models offer even more — including glasses-free 3D technology that plays stereoscopic side-by-side videos, so the movies jump out of the screen for immersive enjoyment. For more information about the innovative new technology, visit RokitPhones.com/us/phones/iopro3d.

With all their smartphones, ROKiT Talk ensures users can connect with loved ones worldwide. The international and domestic calling platform enables unlimited outbound domestic and international calls to 60 countries.

When looking for tech-related devices that can help simplify life situations, consider all the possibilities this year. The latest high-tech devices not only make life more fun and interesting, but some can even help people stay connected, as well as offering vital services everybody needs.


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