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Technology Delivering Connectivity to Deserving and Underserved Consumers

Delivering Connectivity to Deserving and Underserved Consumers

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(StatePoint) With wireless connectivity, the possibilities are endless. Wireless empowers consumers to learn, connect and find their way, strengthens economies and keeps communities healthy and safe. Unfortunately, when it comes to high-speed internet access, there are millions of people that lack connectivity and accessibility.

Enter the New T-Mobile – supercharged and focused on delivering 5G for good. When the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint is complete, the new company will have 14 times more capacity than T-Mobile would on its own, fueled by a $40 billion investment in its 5G network. At the same time, T-Mobile has made a binding commitment that New T-Mobile will not raise prices for three years after the deal closes as it continues to develop its transformative 5G network.

When the merger is complete, New T-Mobile’s massive capacity, faster speeds and broader scale will bring accessibility and connectivity to millions of the most deserving and underserved consumers across the country through three impactful initiatives including: students, low-income consumers and first responders.

1. Closing the Homework Gap: Of the 35 million U.S. households with children, about 15% have no home internet. Those students have consistently lower scores in reading, math and science. What’s more, homework has gone digital, with seven in 10 teachers assigning online homework. Students without connectivity are at a huge disadvantage when they’re unable to complete assignments or even simply communicate with teachers and peers, resulting in a “homework gap.”

New T-Mobile’s Project 10Million program will help close the homework gap for 10 million U.S. households, through a $10 billion commitment that will deliver free internet access over five years and another $700 million commitment in hardware. Eligible families will receive up to 100GB of free internet access each year, along with one free Mobile Wi-Fi enabled hotspot and the option to purchase select Wi-Fi enabled devices at the company’s cost.

2. Driving Prices Down: While T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile have some of the best priced plans in the market, the lowest cost ones still start at $30 a month — enough to pay for a month of breakfast for your average public school student. New T-Mobile will be able to help customers who need service most, but still struggle to fit it in their budget. T-Mobile Connect will offer New T-Mobile’s supercharged network to all U.S. and Puerto Rico consumers at half off of T-Mobile’s lowest priced plan. At just $15 per month, the plan will offer unlimited talk and text with 2GB of high-speed data. The estimated annual savings are $180 per year that could be spent on essential school supplies, gas in the tank, car repairs and clothing.

3. Free Service for First Responder Agencies: Americans rely on first responders, and first responders rely on capable wireless services. In an emergency, no connection is more important. Yet, across the country, most first responder organizations face a budget crisis year after year. In fact, seventy-five percent of fire chiefs say budget limitations are one of their top challenges, and agencies are forced to decide between investing in life-saving equipment or critical wireless service for their employees.

Through the Connecting Heroes Initiative, New T-Mobile is making a more than $7.7 billion, 10-year commitment to provide public and non-profit state and local law enforcement, fire and EMS first responder agencies across the country with free unlimited talk, text and smartphone data. And participating agencies will always be among the highest priority on T-Mobile’s network, no matter how much data they use.

 “When it comes to wireless service, many have been taken advantage of, left behind or completely forgotten,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile and planned CEO of the New T-Mobile. “It’s time for another wave of change!”

For key info, visit newtmobile.com.


Photo Credit: (c) Halfpoint / iStock via Getty Images Plus


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