Gladney Center for Adoption acquires

Gladney Center for Adoption acquires

The Gladney Center for Adoption has acquired and its assets, expanding Gladney’s reach to vast national and international audiences and enhancing’s role as a trusted and safe resource for the adoption community.

The purchase includes more than 900 adoption-related URLs, 75 adoption-related sites, two adoption apps and numerous social media sites, Gladney said in a news release.

“This is an incredible opportunity for Gladney and the adoption community,” said Mark Melson, president and CEO of Gladney. “As the highest-ranked adoption-related website in the world, the purchase of will increase our ability to advocate for adoption and aid in the creation of new families for children in need.”

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Melson said adoption has changed dramatically over the last decade, with prospective adoptive parents, expectant parents, and birth mothers and fathers turning to the internet first for information and assistance. will operate as a separate limited liability company (LLC) under the non-profit Gladney umbrella, and its founder, Nathan Gwilliam, will remain on staff as the executive director and a Gladney vice president. team members have also become part of the new entity.

“I knew that in order to take the next big step for the site’s growth, we needed a strong partner, with a history of doing adoptions the right way,” Gwilliam said in the news release.

“We both share the same belief – every child deserves a loving and caring family. There is huge potential with and Gladney synergy as can provide greater reach to the tremendous work of Gladney, and Gladney can increase the scope and quality of services provided by”

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Melson said that by aligning with Gladney, can grow its already significant presence when people are researching and deciding about adoption.

“It puts an adoption expert into the home of millions, but most importantly, this purchase will increase the number of children and families impacted by adoption. Our mission of creating bright futures through adoption is at the bedrock of this purchase,” Melson said.

Since its inception in 1887, Gladney has placed more than 32,000 children internationally and domestically in forever homes and served more than 38,000 birth parents.

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