Is Your Technology Doing Enough to Improve Your Life?

Is Your Technology Doing Enough to Improve Your Life?

(StatePoint) Whether you’re at home relaxing or an adventure, you can use your technology to optimize the experience. Here are five ways to harness your gadgets, apps and more to improve your life:

• Outdoors 2.0: The next time you head into nature, gear up with durable wearable technology designed to upgrade the experience. The Bluetooth capabilities of Pro Trek’s PRT-B50 enable data communication with a smartphone through a connected app. But you don’t have to be connected to enjoy the timepiece’s compass, altimeter, barometer and temperature measurements, or its calorie calculations that take both step count and altitude information into consideration. What’s more, a memory feature allows you to record specific locations, so that when you move to a different place, your watch will display the direction and distance to help you navigate back.

• Sleep Easy: If a good night’s sleep eludes you or you wake up still feeling tired, it may be time to find out why. Enter sleep apps, such as Sleep Cycle, which track you through the night in order to provide detailed statistics and analysis, helping you discover ways to sleep better and feel more energized.

• Compact Home Theater: If you like the idea of the home theater experience, but don’t have the space or inclination to dedicate an entire room of the house to one, a projector is the best way to go, especially one offering the same brightness and clarity of an LCD television. A LampFree projector from Casio is compact enough that when it’s not in use, you can tuck it away. And because it operates without the use of a mercury bulb, it’s safe and energy-efficient.

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• Smarter Kitchen: Make your kitchen smarter and more sanitary with a smart faucet that you can turn on and off hands-free. Motion sensors allow you to turn on the tap with a wave, and voice control allows you to even set the precise flow and water temperature with personalized commands.

• Time Management: While it can often seem like there are never enough hours in the day, it can be all too easy to lose valuable time to mindless scrolling. Get back on track with new apps that chart and graph how you are using your time online, so you can actually see where all those moments are going. 

Whether you are indoors our outdoors, sleeping or awake, embracing the many features of your apps and devices can help you optimize your life 24/7. 

Photo Credit: (c) Everste / iStock via Getty Images Plus

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