MineralWare founder launches new online marketplace to buy, sell, lease minerals, royalty interests

A Fort Worth-based technology firm is offering the mineral industry’s first end-to-end transaction platform.

Energy Domain, a new marketplace to buy, sell or lease oil and gas minerals and royalty interests, announced its company launch on Monday.

The new company is co-founded by Ryan Vinson, who also founded MineralWare. The new company is headquartered close by MineralWare, located in Fort Worth Club Tower in Downtown Fort Worth.

“Today’s transaction processes for both buyers and sellers are outdated, inefficient and lack transparency, ” Energy Domain CEO Vinson said. “With Energy Domain’s all-encompassing platform, you can list, evaluate, and fully transact a deal with never before seen efficiency allowing for reduced acquisition time and better deal exposure.”

- FWBP Digital Partners -

Energy Domain allows users to list, evaluate and fully transact a deal with never before seen efficiency that reduces acquisition time and brings better deal exposure, the company said.

Interest owners can either “buy now,” “auction,” or “continuously list” their property in the platform. The entire due diligence and transaction process can be completed online.

“Historically, mineral owners sold for less than their potential value simply because there wasn’t a marketplace available to gain industry-wide exposure,” said Nathan McIntyre, co-founder and president of Energy Domain. “Owners would sell to almost anyone who tracked them down and made an offer, oftentimes in person or through the mail. Our platform puts the owner in the driver’s seat, allowing them to test the market and determine how and when to sell.”