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Technology More recognition for Fort Worth’s Linear Labs

More recognition for Fort Worth’s Linear Labs

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Linear Labs begins mass production of electric motors

Linear Labs announced July 28 that it will begin mass producing its high-torque M200 e-mobility motor for off-the-shelf...

Linear Labs partners with City of Fort Worth to stimulate technological growth

The City of Fort Worth selected smart electric motor company Linear Labs June 16 to further solidify the...

Smart electric motor company Linear Labs won Frost & Sullivan’s esteemed 2020 New Product Innovation Award after extensive analysis of Linear Labs’ technological innovation and industry impact by the renowned international consultancy, Linear Labs said in a news release.

Frost & Sullivan selected Linear Labs based on the electric motor company’s unique design efficiencies and eye toward supporting sustainability and community, the news release said.

“This award means a lot to our company in that it recognizes not only the technological innovation of our products, but also our focus on community contribution in tandem with corporate growth,” said Brad Hunstable, co-founder and chief executive officer of Linear Labs.

“We’re in a time of massive expansion at Linear Labs with our recent partnership with the City of Fort Worth and our new manufacturing facility top of mind.

“Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of our product performance advantages is just as important as their acknowledgement that we also have missions to support U.S. veterans, to create new jobs, and to support education and training through local colleges and universities. It’s important to push the envelope with constant innovation, but also important to help our community rise with us,” Hunstable said.

Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Awards recognizes people and organizations that have accomplished an innovative or disruptive breakthrough. Frost & Sullivan’s industry analyst team benchmarks market participants and measures their performance through independent, primary interviews, and secondary industry research in order to evaluate and identify best practices.

Linear Labs recently announced the production of  its new 200 series motor and controller, which is 100 percent designed and assembled in the U.S.A. using Linear Labs’ groundbreaking HET technology. The HET motors are an entirely new class producing up to twice the torque of competitor motors – or the same torque in half the size – and can be made using rare-earth or ferrite magnets, the company news release said.
The product is also a modular solution that eliminates waste, while also being completely recyclable, which was noted by Frost & Sullivan as a uniquely praiseworthy attribute.

“Linear Labs’ reimagined motor does not need to spin as fast as traditional motors to generate the power and torque necessary to propel a vehicle. While a typical variable speed AC induction motor might require a gearbox and variable frequency drive, HET motors do not, which decreases weight, cost, and complexity,” Anand Gnanamoorthy, Industry Principal, said in a news release from Frost & Sullivan.

“Also, its motor production process is lean, agile, and environmentally safe. Motor production is possible anywhere because the need to be located close to the source material has been eliminated. This process reduces vulnerable supply chain demands and enables 95 percent utilization of materials, whereas traditional motor manufacturers waste as much as 60 percent of raw materials,” Gnanamoorthy said.

“Linear Labs employs a sustainable and modular solution that eliminates waste and is completely recyclable. The company has partnered with the City of Fort Worth to ensure local manufacturing thrives, employing the most advanced manufacturing technologies and helping build the local economy by training and recruiting talent from regional institutions of higher education,” Gnanamoorthy said. “Linear Labs stands out in a crowded market for its unique electric motor design and focus on supporting sustainability and community, creating a Blue Ocean market for itself.”

The Frost & Sullivan news release said the company annually presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased return on investment (ROI) it gives customers, which, in turn, raises customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

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