Mouser Electronics, ‘Mythbusters’’ Imahara pursue innovation through new collaboration

A. Lee Graham


Mouser Electronics Inc. has announced a new partnership with longtime customer Grant Imahara, a celebrity engineer best known for his role on the “Mythbusters” television series.

The deal sees Mansfield-based Mouser create webisode videos with Imahara serving as host. Planned for the series, part of the partners’ “Empowing Innovation Together” campaign, are features on new products and technical expertise to help spur new designs.

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The partnership is designed to inspire inventive thinking as Mouser aims to connect with engineers through innovation and creativity.

In addition to his roles on “Mythbusters” and “Battlebots,” Imahara invented several robotic characters, including the “Star Wars” prequel-era R2-D2; “The Late Late Show”’s Craig Ferguson sidekick Geoff Peterson, the talking robot; and the rhythmic arms on the modern-day Energizer Bunny. He joins the Mouser team as a collaborator and spokesman, sharing Mouser’s aim to support innovative design. More information is available at