Next CEO named at Texas Instruments to succeed Templeton

Next CEO of TI on June 1 and current CEO Rich Templeton continues as chairman

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Texas Instruments Inc. said Friday, Jan. 19, that its board of directors has selected Brian Crutcher to become the company’s next president and CEO, effective June 1, a news release stated. Crutcher, who has 22 years of experience with TI, succeeds Rich Templeton, who will transition out of the president and CEO roles over the next four months, but will remain the company’s chairman.

“Brian is an exceptional leader who inspires others and delivers great results,” Templeton said in the release. “His disciplined focus on our business, manufacturing and sales channels has heightened the value we offer customers and the return we provide shareholders. TI operations and people are well guided by his experience and intelligence.”

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The transition follows Crutcher’s promotion to senior vice president in 2010, executive vice president in 2014, chief operating officer in 2017 and election to the board of directors last July.

“This is an exciting time to lead TI. I am honored to succeed Rich, whose leadership and vision have made our company stronger today than ever, and provides a solid foundation to build upon,” Crutcher said in the release. “Our semiconductors are inside tens of thousands of different types of electronics. We have the right products, analog and embedded; are focused on the right markets, industrial and automotive; and remain committed to helping our customers find new ways to solve problems. I am energized by the opportunities we have ahead of us and look forward to working with TIers around the world to continue making TI a better supplier, employer and investment.”

On Templeton’s leadership, Wayne Sanders, lead director of the TI Board and chairman of the governance and stockholder relations committee said, “TI is in excellent shape, operationally, financially and strategically, thanks to Rich’s leadership over the last 14 years.”

Sanders also commented in the boards confidence in Crutcher’s transition into the role.

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“The directors have had a number of years to assess Brian’s ability, results and style, and we are highly confident he is TI’s next great leader,” Sanders said in the release.