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Technology Simple Steps To Declutter Your Phone

Simple Steps To Declutter Your Phone

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(NAPSI)—Have you ever scrolled endlessly through your photos on your phone to find that special one you took weeks ago? Or, perhaps you have that one important e-mail that takes forever to find in your inbox?

An organization overhaul isn’t just for your closet. You can take advantage of some nifty features on your phone to organize your photos and e-mails, which will help make your life easier and save you time.

The experts at global tech care company Asurion spoke with phone users about the pain points they have with highly utilized features including photo storage, managing e-mails and contact lists. The experts then shared tips to help participants streamline and save time in these areas. After using the tips, people were amazed with how these simple shortcuts made finding things so much faster and easier. Check out what Asurion experts shared:

Easy Setup Photo Albums for People, Places and Objects

For Android Phones:

• Manage and share your photos more easily with Google Photos as your primary photo app.

• Easily locate photos by person or pet when you group by similar faces. Tap > tap Settings > tap Group similar faces > turn on Face Grouping

• Add a name to find photos faster. Open a person or pet photo > tap Menu > tap Info > Faces will be separated under people > tap a face > tap Add a Name > enter the name

For iPhones:

• Create an album from existing photos. Open Photos app > Open the All Photos Album or tap the Photos Tab > tap Select > Select all photos you want to add to the new album > tap Add To > select New Album

• Use facial recognition to quickly find photos of people you love. Open a photo with a person’s face in it > swipe up over the photo > tap circle with person’s face > tap Menu icon in the top left corner > tap Add to people’s album > enter person’s name > tap Done or Next

Find a Specific Photo Fast

For Android Phones:

• Find the photos you’ve labeled. Open Google Photo App > tap search bar at the top of screen > type in search criteria > scroll through results for your photo

For iPhones:

iOS makes it easy to find a photo by identifying objects, people, places and pets. Open Photos app > tap on Search Icon > type in search criteria > scroll through results for specific photo

Find Anything on Your Phone Quickly

For Android Phones (if applicable to your model):

• Go to home screen > swipe down to show your App Drawer > click the Search icon > type in what you want to find

For iPhones:

• Use the Swipe to Search function to search across all apps and data. Go to your home screen > swipe down from the middle of the screen > tap the search field > type in what you want to find

Find E-mails Faster

For Android Phones:

• Find the e-mails you’re looking for faster by grouping them under different labels. Go to Gmail website (not the app) > Settings > Labels > Create new label. Once the label is created, then you can label groups and individual e-mails can be filed under each folder from within the app.

For iPhones:

• Find e-mails faster by filtering through specific requirements. Open Mail app > from Inbox (or All inboxes) tap icon in bottom left corner > tap Filtered By

Asurion helps people protect, connect and enjoy the latest tech—to make life a little easier. To learn more, visit www.asurion.com.

clicktotweet “Despite the latest phone enhancements and features, many people don’t use much more than the basic functions. If you’re among them, you may be overlooking ways to make your life easier. Experts with tech care company Asurion can help. http://bit.ly/2owR5g1

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