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Top 100 Manufacturing: All Star Corrugated: Box company shapes to needs of customers

All Star Corrugated

1425 Forum Way S

Fort Worth 76140



To be an all-star you must be talented, flexible and adaptable.

All Star Corrugated box company has proven itself capable in all three categories since it was founded in 1983.

The company specializes in a variety of areas, including custom printing and image design, custom die-cut designs, specialty coating, pads and partitions, interior packs and bags, counter and point-of-sale displays, palletizing and bundling, custom labels, tape, stretch wrap and other packaging supplies, chipboard boxes and pads.

“Even though boxes themselves haven’t changed much over the years, the way companies use them has,” said company spokesman Travis Baker. “Being able to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs in our market has been integral to All Star’s success. Our team has been great at taking on the challenges of our industry. Seeing the shift in demand from plain brown shipping cartons to a more custom approach has been a great place for All Star to shine.”

The company offers packaging products at competitive prices with what it calls the best service in the Metroplex. Its South Fort Worth warehouse features over 68,000 square feet of space, and it has over 60 specialists with more than a century of accumulated experience to serve clients

The motto is “Your company’s product is important to you. Why put it in just any box?” With that in mind, All Star’s structural and graphic design ideas help personalize customers’ products.

With one of the largest [box folding] machines in the Metroplex, it can create any box to suit the many varying requirements from customers.

“Understanding what the customer needs is always an important process at All Star,” Baker said. “A lot of people see boxes as being a simple commodity. What we try and figure out is, how can we improve upon the areas related to a customer’s packaging. How do their boxes affect shipping costs, production times, or even their marketing and branding?”

And, of course, customers receive a personal consultation to insure satisfaction. Whether it’s creating a new package or updating an existing one, a professional designer will help create custom packaging for products using the most cost-effective solutions.

“A lot of people think that a box is a box. And in many cases that may be true,” Baker said. “But understanding what their needs and expectations are for their packaging is where All Star has found a lot of success over the years.”