Two TECH Fort Worth clients raise $3.2 million

Two Tech Fort Worth clients have raised a combined $3.2 million: Encore Vision Inc. and Lung Therapeutics Inc. “Having two clients receive major funding in the same month is cause for celebration,” said Tech Fort Worth Executive Director Darlene Boudreaux. “We help these clients, as well as many others, tell their very compelling stories in a way that interested the investors who were right for them.” Based in Fort Worth and led by chief executive Bill Burns, Encore Vision is developing Dioptin, a patented prescription eye drop treatment for presbyopia, the eye condition that afflicts most people by age 40, requiring them to wear reading glasses. A major goal for Dioptin treatment is to give those with presbyopia freedom from, or reduced dependence on, their bifocals or reading glasses. Encore Vision had a $5.5 million round of investment earlier this year, including $750,000 from Cowtown Angels, which marked the network’s first investment. Encore raised a total of $1.7 million.  Lung Therapeutics is based in Tyler and also is a participant in the Austin Technology Incubator, which is affiliated with the University of Texas. The health care startup, led by CEO Brian Windsor, develops therapies for lung injuries and diseases. Lung Therapeutics raised $1.7 million. 

-Betty Dillard bdillard@bizpress.n