Wichita Falls-based agency opening Fort Worth office

Jackie Hoegger at Fort Worth Stock Show

Wichita Falls-based agency opening Fort Worth office

Jackie Hoegger knows Fort Worth. As a girl, she spent much of her childhood showing dairy cattle at the then-named Fort Worth Fat Stock Show.

Hoegger grew up in Windthorst, the daughter of a dairy farmer, Robert Steinberger. Fort Worth is a special place for her and her family, which has been a part of the stock show for over 49 years.

The family often had the best-of-show dairy cattle and capturing that honor year after year created a habit of success that has kept Jackie on a winning path ever since.

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Her career has been varied and soon she will be coming back to Fort Worth, not to show cattle but to open the local office of her highly successful Wichita Falls public relations and marketing company, Hoegger Communications. The agency plans to open the office in the fall.

Jackie’s agency has clients in 23 states and maintains strong ties with Fort Worth through her relationship with D&M Auto Leasing, American National Bank and Trust and Urban Air Adventure Parks.

But before she launched Hoegger Communications to promote the brands of others she set out to build her own brand.

After working in retail during college, she combined the work ethic she learned on her family’s dairy farm with the good taste in fashion and appearance she learned from her mother and grandmother and opened a women’s clothing shop in Wichita Falls. She called the store Vive Paris.

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While practicing the art of superb customer service, learning the ropes of small business and dealing with the stress of making payroll, Hoegger refined her brand and established her reputation for marketing.

“The marketing side of Vive Paris was my happy place,” she says. “Fighting to get the word out about this retail store was everything. Vive became the social place where the experience was everything. My target was women who wanted to be fashionable and loved. Their husbands became a key part of our store.”

The store prospered and after 26 years in business she sold it.

The idea for Hoegger Communications was an unexpected gift from her former customers.

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“When I left retail, my phone rang off the hook with former customers asking me to help them market their businesses just as I had done with the store,” she says.

Starting a small business can be a daunting undertaking and Hoegger doesn’t shrink from revealing the anxiety that marked those early days – and persists even now.

On a recent LinkedIn post Hoegger wrote: “I remember being so scared to be a business owner in my 20s and 30s. The worry of meeting a payroll would drive me to get up and keep going. Well, that drive still gets me up today on this Monday. I’ve got a payroll to meet, families to feed, a safe work environment where everyone has a voice and clients to love and work hard for. I’m up. Are you?”

The post received a high engagement, which is not surprising.

Hoegger works closely with her clients to develop their marketing strategy and help them craft their own brand stories.

“We are storytellers,” she says. “We find your audience and speak to them on their terms. It takes daily communication along with the right data, creatively sending the right message, at the right time. I know that’s a big task, but we do this in our sleep.”

Marketing and advertising are taking an intense route these days and the best agencies evaluate clients’ needs and goals, then develop a powerful mixed media strategy to maximize profits. Hoegger has witnessed the evolution of the marketing world firsthand.

“The [change] occurring is the emphasis on digital,” she says. “Digital marketing is highly targeted, and my office’s main goal is to determine a client’s ideal buyer and analyze their buying journey.”

The firm recently won three Addy Awards in the Fort Worth Federation of Advertising competition, after winning 13 awards at a similar competition in Oklahoma.

“I’ve felt a closeness to Fort Worth since my days at the Stock Show, she says, “and once we received this recent recognition, I decided it was time to open an office in a town I have always loved.”

– Duke St. John