Buc-ee’s serves up back-up power deal with Enchanted Rock


Buc-ee’s isn’t all beaver nuggets and peppered beef jerky.

The company has signed a long-term service agreement with Enchanted Rock Ltd. and Texas Microgrid LLC to provide back-up power to ten stores, with the intent to serve all Buc-ee’s current and future locations in the future.. Buc-ee’s,operates 32 convience store/travel center locations throughout Texas, including one in Fort Worth. Most of Buc-ee’s locations are around 70,000 square feet with about 120 fueling stations.

Through Enchanted Rock’s proprietary natural-gas powered microgrid design, Texas Microgrid will provide a sufficient amount of electrical reliability to cover the energy needs of an entire Buc-ee’s store when utility power is unavailable.

“Buc-ee’s is excited to be working with Enchanted Rock. Their reliability microgrid solution will allow Buc-ee’s to ensure critical service is available to travelers and customers from surrounding communities during weather related emergencies like those commonly experienced in Texas,” said Jeff Nadalo, Buc-ee’s general counsel.

- FWBP Digital Partners -

Enchanted Rock’s On Demand Electric Reliability service allows customers to pay only a small fraction of the installation cost of a standard reliability microgrid system, according to the company news release. The structure of the offering shifts the performance risk to the operator and owner of the assets allowing customers to focus their time and capital on their core business.