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Convention and Visitors Bureau to launch triathlon in Fort Worth

A new triathlon is coming to Fort Worth next year, sending participants swimming, biking and running around the city.

The Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is launching the event with Fort Worth-based triathlon, running and fitness center Trident Sports. The first triathlon will take place May 21, 2017 and continue annually.

Participants will have the option of choosing a full iron distance course (140.6 miles) or half iron distance course (70.3 miles). Both courses start at Marine Creek Lake and finish in downtown Fort Worth.

The event is part of the CVB’s push to bring more sporting events to Fort Worth. The CVB launched a sports marketing department in March to help fulfill this goal.

Mayor Betsy Price posted a video online inviting people to the event. Price has supported several health initiatives for Fort Worth, such as FitWorth and the Blue Zones Project.

“The launch of our sports marketing department, the efforts of the Blue Zones Project and Mayor [Betsy] Price’s health and fitness initiatives make the timing right to produce this type of event,” CVB President and CEO Bob Jameson said. “Our goal is to add to our city’s healthy-living initiatives while attracting a new audience of visitors.”