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Council Report: Fort Worth to increase parking fees

You might want to double check the time on that parking meter. Also, make sure that’s not a handicap space.

The city council on Oct. 24 meeting approved a revised schedule of standard fines and late fees for parking offenses to be effective Jan. 1.

City staff reviewed the 33 parking codes for Fort Worth against their equivalents in five Texas cities (Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, El Paso) of comparable size (populations over 650,000). In 10 instances, Fort Worth’s fine amount was on average 51 percent below the average of the other five cities for those equivalent citation codes.

The council also approved an increase in the late fee for parking fines of $120 or more. Two of the benchmarked cities do not charge late fees (Austin and El Paso).

For fines of $119.99 or less, the late fee after 21 days will remain at $25. For fines that are $120 or more, it will increased to $50 after 21 days.

“The largest fine increases are on three offenses which will have a direct effect in improving public safety,” said City Parking Manager Peter Elliott.

Those are parking in a fire lane, parking in a handicap space and parking an oversized commercial vehicle on a public street.

“Each of these offenses will be increased to the maximum amount with the intent to make a positive impact on the level of compliance in each of these areas,” Elliott said.

“The increase in the fine amount in other offenses seeks to close the gap between the current fine amounts of Fort Worth and the average across equivalent-sized cities in Texas.”

Here are the changes in standard fines and fees, beginning Jan. 1 (increases do not include $5 court costs):

*Parked in a fire lane/zone — $200 (up from $105).

*Parked in disabled space/zone — $200 (up from $155).

*Oversized commercial vehicle on a public street — $200 (up from $35).

*Exceeded commercial loading zone time limit — $90 (up from $35).

*No parking, standing, stopping any time — $60 (up from $35).

*No parking from certain time to certain time — $60 (up from $40).

*Stop, stand and park prohibited in certain places — $50 (up from $35).

*Parking meter expired — $40 (up from $30).

*Fail to display meter receipt, hangtag or permit — $40 (up from $35).

The fines that will remain the same are:

*Keys in car — $105.

*Parked in tow-away zone — $105.

*Parked within 15 feet of fire hydrant — $105.

*Parked in a tow-away zone/valet — $105.

*Parked in front/side yard — $80.

*Storing vehicle on street — $55.

*Meter feeding — $35.

*Parked at a non-operational meter — $35.

*Manner of parking at meters — $35.

*Exceeded meter time limit — $35.

*Parked exceeding 18 inches from curb — $35.

*Parked vehicle on street/less than 10 feet left available — $35.

*Exceeded passenger loading zone time limit — $35.

*Unattended vehicle in passenger loading zone — $35.

*Parked in alley — $35.

*Parked facing traffic — $35.

*Parked/stopped non-commercial vehicle in commercial loading zone — $35

*Parked articulated vehicle (six or more wheels) — $35.

*Head-in parking — $35.

*Stop, stand or park on a sidewalk — $35.

*Parked in front of a public or private driveway — $35.

*Exceeded valet zone (5 minute limit/non-hotel; 30 minute limit/hotel) — $35.

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