Council Report: Red light cameras being removed, some refunds sent

No more red light cameras

Get an unexpected check in the mail? Well, it turns out that red light camera ticket you paid didn’t have to be paid after all, hence the refund.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Fort Worth City Council approved an ordinance to officially repeal red light enforcement, dating to a June decision by the 86th State Legislature to stop all red light enforcements. The city terminated its program on June 2, but any collections that were mailed or received by the city as of June 1 to current are being refunded.

The city is also working with Verra Mobility, formerly American Traffic Solutions to have all of the cameras, radar units, signage, post structure and foundation removed from city locations by Jan. 31.

“Staff has sent refunds for all payments received after June 1 and worked with the vendor to return equipment associated with the program. This council agenda item is the official termination of the program,” said Tanya Brooks, Transportation and Public Works Assistant Director.