Dalworth, first responders get clean for Giving Day

Lilly Armbruster sitting in the lap of her mother, Leigh Ann Armburster, watches while her older sister, Abby Armbruster cuts her dad's (Jeff's) hair.

Giving Day was Tuesday, Nov. 28 and Dalworth Clean did what they do best: clean. But in this case, it was for a very special reason.

Lilly Armbruster, a 4-year-old from Grapevine received an amped-up version of Giving Day today compliments of Dalworth Clean and first responders from Grapevine to Haltom City.

Armbruster has been battling a rare form of childhood cancer since March 2015 – rhabdomyosarcoma, a condition that attacks soft tissue and muscles, mainly on the left side of her face.

Because she has undergone four surgical procedures that have required her to be sedated over 100 times, doctors say she needs to have as pristine a home environment as possible. Dalworth Clean heard about her condition and Giving Day was the second day of performing an Extreme Clean procedure that will make the Armbruster home as clean as a hospital room.

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On Monday, Dalworth Clean performed intense duct cleaning and on Tuesday the team will apply its Extreme Clean technology. Technicians wearing hazmat suits are thoroughly cleaning Armbruster’s home using the identical technology them apply when working in medical facilities.

“When we heard about Lilly’s condition, we knew immediately that we could help. It is our honor to step forth on this Giving Day and provide this service at no charge,” says Dalworth Clean founder and CEO James Smith.

Her day became even brighter in the afternoon when she was treated to a police escort from Grapevine to Haltom City. A group of 20 first responders are shaving their heads in a moment of solidarity and encouragement for the little girl.