Guess What? Truckers are fed up with Texas traffic too!

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Commuters aren’t the only ones fed up with traffic in Texas.

The American Transportation Research Institute on Feb. 12 released its annual list highlighting the most congested bottlenecks for trucks in America, and Texas tops that list with 13 of the top 100 locations.

The 2019 Top Truck Bottleneck List assesses the level of truck-oriented congestion at 300 locations on the national highway system. The analysis, based on truck GPS data from nearly 1 million heavy duty trucks uses several customized software applications and analysis methods, along with terabytes of data from trucking operations to produce a congestion impact ranking for each location. ATRI’s truck GPS data is used to support the U.S. DOT’s freight mobility initiatives. The locations detailed in this latest ATRI list represent the top 100 congested locations.

“Texas has a growing population and a booming economy,” said Texas Trucking Association President and CEO John D. Esparza. “But traffic congestion could bring all of that to a standstill. Using ATRI’s bottleneck analysis as a guide, we need to ensure that our investment in transportation infrastructure aligns with our desire to continue that growth.”

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The 13 bottlenecks in Texas are:

• No. 5 Houston: I-45 at I-69/US 59

• No. 13 Houston: I-10 at I-45

• No. 16 Dallas: I-45 at I-30

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• No. 22 Austin: I-35

• No. 24 Houston: I-45 at I-610 (North)

• No. 27 Houston: I-10 at I-610 (West)

• No. 42 Dallas: US 75 at I-635

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No. 57 Houston: I-10 at I-610 (East)

No. 61 Houston: I-610 at US 290

No. 69 Ft. Worth: I-35W at I-30

No. 79 Houston: I-610 at I-69/US 59 (West)

No. 89 Houston: I-45 at I-610 (South)

No. 100 Houston: I-10 at I-69/US 59

“ATRI’s research shows us where the worst pain points are – but they are far from the only ones. This report should be a wakeup call for elected leaders at all levels of government that we must act quickly to address our increasingly congested highway system,” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said. “Without meaningful investment in our nation’s infrastructure, carriers will continue to endure billions of dollars in congestion-related costs – which results in a self-inflicted drag on our economy.”

For access to the full report, including detailed information on each of the 100 top congested locations, please visit ATRI’s website at