The T announces 10 bus route changes

Fort Worth bus riders can expect changes to 10 bus routes beginning Sunday June 7, according to the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, or The T.

Improving efficiency and customer connections necessitated the changes, currently posted on buses and on The T’s website at

New printed schedules can be downloaded from The T’s website or picked up at The T’s administrative offices, and will be on buses serving the affected routes.

Routes are evaluated up to three times a year, with changes made in response to development, population shifts and feedback from customers.

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The following route changes become effective Sunday June 7:

* Route 1-Hemphill, Route 3-Riverside, Route 21-Boca Raton, Route 25-Crosstown and Route 27-Como will have minor time adjustments in the evenings for improved consistency on these routes.

* Route 5a-Evans Avenue will depart La Gran Plaza northbound, six minutes earlier for better connections to Route 24 (weekday).

* Route15-Stockyards: Re-route of southbound bus to remain on Houston Street on Saturdays.

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* Route 25-Crosstown: Depart La Gran Plaza westbound three minutes earlier on Sundays.

* Route 27 Como northbound and Route 57-Como/Montgomery: northbound will use Diaz instead of Geddes on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

* Route 46-Jacksboro Highway: The schedule has added one earlier trip on weekdays at 5:58 a.m. from Old Mill Creek/Jacksboro Highway.

Meanwhile, the Route 46 schedule has been updated for more consistent times throughout the day. All inbound trips will depart earlier from the end of the line at Old Mill Creek at Jacksboro Highway.