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Kimbell Art Museum lecture

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The Kimbell Art Museum is going back in time to when it all began — its physical construction.

The museum will host “Constructing the Kimbell: An Eyewitness Account,” a part of the ongoing “Art In Context” lecture series, on Wednesday, April 17 at the Piano Pavilion Auditorium.

Architectural engineer Frank Sherwood and the museum’s operations manager Larry Eubank are the presenters of the lecture. Both were present and worked on the construction project of the museum’s landmark building, the Louis I. Kahn Building.

The building opened to the public in October 1972. The iconic building was the brainchild of the 20th-century architect Louis Kahn, who designed buildings all over the world, including the Yale University Art Gallery.

Sherwood served as the project director for the building with an outside firm. He has over 65 years of experience in the design, construction and administration of building projects.

While Eubank worked on the building’s construction and has worked for the museum ever since. Eubank also collaborated with architect Renzo Piano in the construction of the 2013 Renzo Piano Pavilion at the museum.

Accompanied by a variety of photographs, the duo will share their first-hand experience of constructing the museum building.

The lecture will focus on the museum’s design and how the team met project challenges, according to Kimbell Art Museum.

The lecture is free for all to attend.

The Kimbell Art Foundation owns and operates the museum, which grew from a portrait and painting collections by Kay and Velma Kimbell in the mid-1900s.

The Kimbell collection today consists of about 350 works.

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