Cyberattack Are You Ready?

If you think computer security isn’t a big deal or it’s not your problem, you’re dead wrong.

  • Ransomware attacks cost businesses an estimated $300,000 per incident last year.
  • Colonial Pipeline paid hackers a $4.4 million ransom to get back online.

Can you afford to cough up thousands or millions to online blackmailers? Big or small, you’re at risk.

Join FBI Special Agent Brett Leatherman and Cybersecurity Expert Michael Moore from M3 Networks for FWBP’s webinar “Cyberattack Are You Ready.”

Learn how to keep your company safe from hackers and cyber crooks.

  • Are we facing a cybersecurity pandemic?
  • How even your business is a target.
  • How employees put your business at greater risk.
  • Can my business afford cybersecurity protection?
  • Restoring a company’s reputation following an attack.
Brett Leatherman

Brett Leatherman
Supervisory Special Agent 
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Leatherman manages a team of special agents, computer scientists, and intelligence personnel in North Texas responsible for the investigation and attribution of global national security cyber threats targeting United States interests. The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating cyber-attacks by criminals, nation state actors, and terrorists, and the Dallas Division plays a key role in that effort.

Michael Moore
Founder and CEO
M3 Networks

Michael Moore is a solutions-focused Senior Executive, Advisor, Public Speaker, and Board Member with more than 15 years of success across the information services industry. His broad areas of expertise include network administration, account management, cloud computing, and technical support. Michael holds a leadership position as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of M3 Networks where he oversees the company concentrating on building solutions that incorporate proactive computer maintenance, secure data protection, and responsive IT support.

Dallas FBI Field Office

Ransomware Advisory

Internet Crime Complaint Center

Cybersecurity & Infrasturcture Security Agency

Cybersecurity Framework

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