Bass honored as 2019 Fort Worth Business Executive of the Year

Edward P. Bass at Business Hall of Fame 2019 

Edward P. Bass named Business Executive of the Year

Texas Wesleyan University, the Fort Worth Business Press and the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce honored longtime Fort Worth business leader Edward P. Bass, chairman of Fine Line Group, as the 2019 Fort Worth Business Executive of the Year.

The award was presented Nov. 20 at Dickies Arena, an appropriate site given his longtime support for a new arena in the Stock Show and Cultural District. It was the 50th presentation of the award.

Bass told the crowd that he was a fortunate man.

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“Good fortune seems to have been a hallmark of my life and of my business career,” he said. “Let’s face it. I was born into wealth. I’m fortunate to have a family that allowed me access to considerable resources and both the freedom and the education to approach doing something beneficial.”

Part of being fortunate, he said, was that he was able to do much of his work in Fort Worth, a city that values working together.

“In Fort Worth, we work in partnerships, public and private . And in Fort Worth we have a strong focus and understanding of quality of life. That’s what a community is for, for the quality of life of everyone,” Bass said.

He noted that Dickies Arena is located in the Cultural District, surrounded by world-class museums and “the best equestrian and livestock events facility in all of America.”

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“So, shouldn’t Dickies Arena be the finest multipurpose arena in America? Of course,” Bass said. “And that’s what we aimed to do and I think that we have succeeded with it.”

Speaking directly to the business aspect of the evening, Bass summed up how he sees his business operations.

“My business is to do good things and to do them well,” he said.

– Paul K. Harral