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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Sixth Sense – A Perfect Episode

JW and BP’s new friend FWPD Chief Noakes and their good friend, FWFF, Matt Magoffin, take them through the mountains they have to climb in being the chief of police for the nation’s 12th largest city or climbing Mt. Everest – they find that these guys’ servants hearts are the key to their paths. 

Matt Magoffin
FWPD Chief Noakes

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Brinton Payne & J.W Wilson
Brinton and J.W. grew up in Fort Worth, attended Trinity Valley and have had varied careers, Brinton in state and local government, advertising, work with the chamber of commerce and in advising businesses through his expertise in data mining and research, J. W.’s arc has been in the world of art and also with his oil and gas company. He also coached football for a while at All-Saints Episcopal. He’s written a book.

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