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Brinton Payne and J.W. Wilson

Analysis: Texas’ GOP runoffs hinge on a name that’s not on the ballot

Donald Trump could decide who gets the GOP nomination for attorney general of Texas and, in the process, could be a factor in runoffs farther down that party’s ballot in May. The former president’s endorsement of Ken Paxton, the besieged incumbent AG, was central to Paxton’s first-place finish in the...

JW and BP sit down with Eric Lee (Director of the Kimbell Art Museum)

Eric Lee is the director of the world renown, Fort Worth Kimbell Art Museum. Beginning with an art history PhD from Yale to leading the Kimbell since 2009, Lee details the incredible acquisition and background of several prized works from the Kimbell’s collection. We also discuss his career, the...

TATU, indoor soccer legend, takes off his jersey for Fortitude

TATU has lived a soccer superstar dream and isn’t slowing down now. We talk youth in Brazil, HOF career, highlights, Sidekicks, Mesquite Outlaws, and the dude can still play.

Brian Estridge sits down with Fortitude

Long time radio personality and voice of the Frogs, Brian Estridge, opens up his playbook, sharing his beginning, radio career, best and worst moments, TCU stories, and some chuckles along the way.

Grace Collins joins JW and BP on Fortitude

TCU Jr. Soccer Forward sensation, Grace Collins, talks about national powerhouse TCU soccer, her climb, her life, and what it takes to be the best

Cliburn CEO, Jacques Marquis, has something you gotta hear

Leader of FW’s musical beacon, The Cliburn, shares its magic with Fortitude and its classic

CEO Mike Brown explains the who, the what and the, Y

FW YMCA boss, Mike Brown, details one of our most important organizations and Y you should be involved

Return From Everest

Matt Magoffin describes his incredible summit attempt to the top of the world.

FW’s BFF, Scott Berkman

FW’s favorite waiter Scott Berkman, dishes about his life and “maybe yours.”

Mac Engel joins Fortitude

Fortitude sits down with the always opinionated sports columnist, Mac Engel, for an inside look at his life, his career, HSO’s and what goes on in that head of his. Earmuffs kids!